Who I Was, Who I Am, and Who I Will Be

The Internal Conflict

Amethyst Champagne


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We all change as we get older, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.

But I think the changes I’ve undergone within the past few years have been for the better, even if they surfaced certain issues I must tackle.

Who I Was

I was many things before the pandemic hit, but one that pops out in my memory is emotionally unaware.

For a long time, I had no idea how I truly felt and hated it when tears finally erupted from whatever action or comment that broke the dam.

I couldn’t fathom many of the hardships my friends had faced despite the tragedies in my past.

Until my first relationship.

My ex-boyfriend brought out parts of me (both good and bad) that I hadn’t known existed. And it was eye-opening.

Despite the relationship only lasting a few months, followed by a grueling breakup, I’m glad those aspects of myself were brought forth.

Without him, it’s highly doubtful I would have ended up with my awesome, pain-in-the-ass partner now.

I also wouldn’t be as eager for change or as open to new friendships.



Amethyst Champagne

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