What My Body Has Taught Me About Change

Amethyst Champagne
3 min readJan 12, 2022

Change. It’s something that most of us strive for in one way or another. And it can be discouraging when you don’t see immediate results.

These last two years have forced us to look at ourselves at a deeper level, not just at what we see in the mirror. That’s must have scared many of you out, while it gave clarity and wisdom to others, such as myself.

It helped me realize that I wanted more from my life. So, I started to work on myself, took writing more seriously, such as creating Twitter and Medium accounts, began my online editing business, and am even starting to design merch online.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t want to work on making my body healthier, stronger, and thinner. On the contrary, I’ve imagined having a flat stomach and toned body for years now.

And while I’ve noticed changes in other aspects of my life, my body is stubborn, which isn’t much of a surprise for me. I have trouble losing weight and gaining muscle. It’s mainly due to my genetics.

But I realized change isn’t always noticeable, not immediately anyway. It often takes time for you to be able to see it. And sometimes, others have to point it out before you see it.

And there have been some changes. My arm muscles are a bit stronger now than this time last year. And my ass looks pretty good too. ;)

Change isn’t necessarily linear either. Some days you can feel like you’ve made loads of progress and feel stuck other days. I’ve certainly had it happen to me.

Sometimes, I feel like I’m on top of the world and like the hottest thing ever. And at other times, I feel depressed and uncomfortable in my skin. But for the most part, I’m somewhere in the middle.

Isn’t that life, though?

And it certainly is with my body. While I have noticed gains in muscle, I haven’t noticed it with losing fat. So, I can’t fit very well, or at all, into some of my clothes right now.

Oh well. I know that I will see the results at some point. I have to play the long game here. And so do you.

You’ll find a time where you’ll no longer be able to fit into specific areas of your life like you once did. It happens as you grow and change. And…



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