Video Games vs. Movies

Which One is Better, if That’s Possible?

Amethyst Champagne


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I don’t know if it’s an actual debate amongst my fellow nerdy people, but it was one that I have had internally for years, especially as I entered adulthood and made gamer and/or movie-loving friends.

But if anyone else has this dilemma, I hope I can help you decide.

Movie Watching

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Movies are a great way to let yourself be swept up into a story without being involved, like a book, only with visuals and audio.

You can watch them at home or make it a social event by going with friends/family to the movie theaters.

If they like movies anyway.

My Experience

I’ve loved movies for as long as I can remember, since I came home from foster care, and from what my mom told me, before I went.

My mom loves them, and I would watch movies just about every time I had a visitation with my father.

So, I guess you could say it’s in my genes.

We have at least ten binders filled with DVDs, Blu-rays, and even some 4K discs…



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