The Unexpected Gift

Amethyst Champagne
5 min readAug 26, 2021

The ring of the doorbell lifted me from my book, my brow lifting. I checked the time, seeing it was too early. What was that about? I closed my book, setting it on the coffee table.

Standing, I walked to open the door, finding a small, brown package resting on my doormat. There was no return address or shipping label. Huh. Where did this come from?

I picked the paper box up, feeling it was pretty light. Whatever was inside wasn’t heavy or big. What could it be? I didn’t recall ordering anything online.

Walking back inside, I placed it on the kitchen table, tapping my chin with my index as I paced by the paper box.

I wasn’t sure if I should open it. People didn’t just give gifts around here. We weren’t a tight-knit community or very close geographically. I didn’t even know my closest neighbor.

Maybe it was a prank from the neighbor kids. Yeah, that was probably it. They were always pulling schemes similar.

Sitting back down in my chair, I continued to read my book, doing my best to push the package out of my mind and lose myself in the pages and words.

That turned out to be harder than I thought.

Every time I focused on the pages, some flashed in the corner of my vision, but when I looked, it was just the box.

This was becoming frustrating.

I decided to place it in my coat closet by the front door. Now I wouldn’t be able to see it and go about the rest of my day, cleaning and preparing for my dinner date.

We’d worked in the same building for years, him being a representative for one of the companies and me working in the cafe in the main lobby. He always ordered the same coffee and bagel from me, giving a big tip.

And after months of asking me out, I finally said yes to going out with him, and while we had only been a few dates, things were going smooth and easy.

Putting dinner in the oven, I went upstairs to my room, opening my closet. What was I going to wear? I scanned each article of clothing until I spotted my lavender summer dress.

Laying it on the bed, I took a quick shower, putting on a light amount of makeup. I didn’t care that we would be eating dinner…

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