The Thrift Shop Find

Amethyst Champagne
3 min readJul 16, 2021

As you do your normal wandering around town today, enjoying the sunshine, you’re searching for something to either see or do.

You don’t what though, allowing your feet to carry you, like every other afternoon after finishing your daily work assignments from home.

You could walk your route with your eyes close and know where you are by the sounds and scents.

When you lift your gaze from the cracked sidewalk, you see that you’re in front of a small thrift/antique store.

You blink. It’s odd that you’ve never noticed it’s presence before, especially with its big sign above the walkway.

Having nothing better to do, you decided to walk inside.

The smell of the past hits you as you pull the glass door open, making your mouth curve upward slightly.

You like old or used things, always have, their potential stories fascinating you, going so far as to create them in your head.

And if you wind up learning the actual history of an item, whether its through research or first hand accounts, it gives you a thrill, writing it in your notebook

From the corner of your eye, you see a rose pink leather jacket, eyes widening. Oh my God! You can’t believe you finally found it! The elusive jacket.

It’s something you’ve been dreaming of since you were a kid, saving magazine pages with women wearing similar jackets.

You rush over, inspecting it. The cuffs and pockets are bedazzled with jewels. You like the bling. There’s no hood, which doesn’t surprise or concern you.

Taking it off the rack, you slip it on.

You smile in delight.

It’s a perfect fit, as if it was made for you. Soft like silk on the inside, the pink skin tough yet flexible, and not too warm, so you can wear it in most weather conditions.

Checking the price tag, your grin grows wider. Yes! You can buy it today, your wallet carrying extra cash from a recent project you finished a couple days ago.

You meander around the store some more, looking for anything else which may interest you. You spot a couple of cool items here and there, yet they don’t yank you to them.

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