The Solar Eclipse, 2017

One of the Coolest Things I’ve Ever Seen

Amethyst Champagne


We drove all night to see it, the solar eclipse of 2017.

We had no choice. The best view for it was toward the bottom of Oregon, and we lived at the top of northwest Washington.

We’d been packing for a few days, as we were staying for a few days afterward, and left soon after my mom got home from work, around ten pm.

Sitting in the back seat, I stayed awake for much of the ride, despite my attempts to catch some shut-eye.

It didn’t help that our vehicle was stuffed so full I couldn’t recline my seat. Not to mention my mom’s seat was practically draped over my legs as she tried sleeping.

It was interesting traveling on the road while most of the country slept. I wondered how other people did it for their jobs.

We made a couple of stops along the way, including a donut shop in Portland at two or three in the morning. Of course, the small shop was packed full of people, most of whom were eclipse watchers like us.

I think my parents struck up a conversation with a young couple as we all stood in line. They, too, were there for the eclipse and donut shop.

It was a bit overwhelming for me back then, as I was a lot more socially awkward at eighteen and was tired, leaving me with a lower mental battery than usual.

It didn’t help that homeless people were also trying to get inside, the staff making sure they stayed out of the shop.

We ended up getting a variety box, along with three black coffees to boost our energy levels, eating a few along the way.

Then we continued driving, and I was finally able to nap a bit with my window rolled down as I combatted carsickness.

I don’t remember where we watched the eclipse happen, but I know it was by the water and colder than I would’ve preferred for the month of July. And other people were already there.

We took out our commercial-grade protection glasses while waiting for the moon to block out the sun from the somewhat cloudy sky.

And we waited for the event to occur.

It took a little while, but it was worth the wait, witnessing the moon block out the sun’s light briefly before going on its way. People clapped and whistled for it, but we kept quiet.

Too bad I hadn’t been more alert when the eclipse happened. But it had been kind of chilly, so I couldn’t have dozed even if I had wanted to.

Then we left, went to the inn we were staying at, and enjoyed the rest of our vacation.

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