The Matter Of Love

And My Experience With It

Amethyst Champagne


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It’s a rather complicated topic for me personally, given everything that has happened in my life.

But it doesn’t mean I want to close myself off from it or withhold it from those I care about.


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I have a lot more experience with loving someone as a friend than anything else. And it can be just as frightening as loving someone romantically.

Putting yourself out there to meet potential friends is hard, especially when you’re an adult and schedules don’t often line up.

Or when they don’t live in the same time zone as you, which is a main struggle for me these days, as only two of my friends live in the same state as me.

But it’s worth it.

I often find it easier to talk to my friends about certain personal issues than with others. And I know they have my back when no one else does.


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While I don’t subscribe to your family having to be blood-related after everything that went down in my early years, I’m often jealous of those who have big families who genuinely care about each other.

Sure, I have family where I live, but I don’t really visit any of them. After coming home from foster care, my mom kept me away from them, as their lives and choices didn’t align with hers.

I also don’t have a grandfather at all or a grandmother who can actively be a part of my life for various reasons.

So, in many ways, my friends are my family.

Romantic Relationships

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Yeah, I don’t have much personal experience with this one, as I’ve only loved two people…



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