The Lovely Bloom

Amethyst Champagne
2 min readMay 25

Oh my, the sun has returned!

It’s cold when the sky darkens, often making me draw in my petals. Although the twinkling lights are pretty to gaze at.

But the yellow light has me showing off my kaleidoscope of colors to the world.

A soft breeze brushes past me as the insects wake from their slumber.

Most of them leave me alone, except for the bees who take my nectar for food and spread my pollen all over the place. But I like bees, so I’m happy to help them.

But a shadow looms over me, blocking the sun’s vital warmth.

How dare it!

I see a human standing over me. It looks like a small child, probably awed by my brilliant hues. And it is alone.

Where are its parents? I know human children have them, as with any mammal I’ve seen.

What an odd concept that must be. We plants have no such thing, not in the same sense.

The child doesn’t move as it stares at me, its eyes lacking intelligence. Oh, how I wish it to go away so I can enjoy the sun once more.

So what does it want?

Does it want…me?

Of course, it does! Humans are always drawn to pretty things, especially small children left by themselves to wander.

I suddenly wish I had legs or teeth as its tiny hand reaches out to pluck me from the nourishing earth.

But a high-pitched voice draws the child away, its waddling body almost humorous to watch.

At least someone found it before I was sentenced to death. Probably its mother.

Humans have no idea how much of a pain they are to deal with.

First, they invade, plunder, and leave nothing for us! And then they take us from our homes to put in their houses, shops, and gardens!

I perk up again as the sun hits me again. It really is a great joy of my life. Without it, none of us would be here now!


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