The Divergents, part twelve

Amethyst Champagne
5 min readMar 25, 2023

“Why am I here again?” Yawning, Trix rubbed her eyes as Nash led her and the other enhanced women into the gym.

She hadn’t appreciated him storming into her unit earlier this morning and practically dragging her out of bed away from her medic. Thank God he’d let her change into workout clothes.

Callum hadn’t seemed pleased either, yet had put on his medic outfit.

But Trix was also too mentally tired at the moment to really fight with Nash about his rude behavior. So, she’d leave that to Ava. Or Nola. Whichever heard about it first.

He glanced at her, his brow raised, “Because all of you need to train.”

Bethany huffed, arms crossed, “You can’t just boss us around.”

“As the commander’s second, I actually can.” Nash opened the door for them, satisfaction flooding his face. “Now go inside.”

Bethany flipped him off but complied, the other women following.

Trix’s mouth dropped when she stepped inside.

While the gym on the mother ship was nice, this gym surpassed her expectations. Human and Wanderer training devices were strategically placed, and a boxing ring was at one end.

“Holy shit,” Kassie stared, “you guys are serious.”

“I’d hope so.” Nola approached them, her arms behind her back. “The commander takes your safety with the highest importance.”

Kassie snorted, and Trix couldn’t help but snicker. It seemed that Kassie’s feelings for the commander hadn’t softened.

The twins ignored Kassie’s response.

Nash guided them to the weights, summarizing the different exercises they would be doing.

Despite having done hundreds of push-ups and crunches during her solitary confinement, Trix wasn’t confident she’d be able to walk by the time she was finished.

“For now, we’re going to work on basic strength.” Nash smirked, eyes wickedly twinkling, “and you are all going to hate me for a while.”

“Some of us already do,” Bethany muttered.

Trix raised a brow at him, “And why are you smiling?”



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