The Divergents, part six

Amethyst Champagne
5 min readFeb 17, 2023

Sun shining in her face, Trix woke and grinned. She was still on top of Callum, who was still asleep. And he was still inside her, which for some reason, didn’t alarm her.

Despite her carnal desires, she hadn’t planned on visiting his tent last night. She wasn’t that easy. But Bethany would not stop complaining, and Trix had been moments from strangling her.

So, when she kissed him, and he responded eagerly, Trix knew she wouldn’t leave the sexy alien and his amazing mouth without going all the way.

Lifting her head and resting her chin on his pale blue chest, Trix studied Callum’s face. He didn’t look much different asleep than awake, although his relaxed facial muscles gave him a more child-like appearance.

Trix turned her head, the other cot empty but must, her cheeks heating.

When had Nola been there? And what had she seen? Since, apparently, Wanderers had damn near perfect night vision.

Trix closed her eyes; no way she would sleep now, especially now that her bladder had decided to chime in.

But as she went to crawl off him, two arms pulled her in. “Where are you going, little spark?”

Trix blushed at his pet name for her. “I have to pee.”

“Hmm,” Callum grinned, “Perhaps I’ll allow it.”


He cupped her cheek, tenderly kissing her.

Her body tingled as he became more assertive, grabbing her bare ass with the other hand.

Trix broke away, panting, “I really do need to pee, babe.”

He lifted a brow, “I am not a babe.”

She giggled, “It’s a pet name couples say to each other.”

“And are we a couple?” Callum brushed his lips against her neck.

“No,” she sighed, “not yet, anyway.”

Trix felt his grin, and her heart warmed.

“I will take that.” He kissed her once more. “But go relieve your bladder.”

Climbing off him and out from under the blanket, Trix remembered it was winter, shivering as she put on her clothes. Even if it was eighty degrees, there was no way she was streaking through the camp.



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