What It’s Like Living With ADHD

Amethyst Champagne


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Short for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

It is one of the most common mental health “disorders” in the world. Yet, it is terribly misunderstood by many, even if they even vaguely know what ADHD is.

And after reading various stories from writers with ADHD, I want to help people understand it better so they can help and support those in their lives who have it.

So here’s my story.

Growing Up With ADHD

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It wasn’t easy growing up with this quirk.

During my time in foster care, most of the adults in my life didn’t really know what to do with me. I wasn’t normal, but I also didn’t have severe special needs, unlike most of my foster siblings.

Which led to me slipping through the cracks in many ways, especially education-wise.

Until my mom started getting me back and helping me properly navigate my ADHD, as she has it herself.

After I Started Medication

While I don’t remember much during that time, apparently, I became more social, paid better attention in class, and even my handwriting improved greatly.

Overall, it improved my quality of life.

What It’s Like as an Adult

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For me, it’s just a companion I carry in my head every day. It’s there, but it usually doesn’t interfere with my life.

But I also have learned how to work around it despite being medicated for it. And my dosage is pretty low, so I can handle things if I run out before I can get a refill.

Half of the people I’ve met in my adult life have it, including my unmedicated partner, who, like me, isn’t hyper but can become easily distracted.



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