Online vs In Class Courses

Amethyst Champagne
5 min readAug 23, 2021


Online courses or in-class schooling? Which one is better? That has been a question buzzing around whenever higher learning is discussed anymore.

Until recent years, if we wanted to attend college, we were forced to get in our cars or on the bus, travel to school, sit in classes, and spend much of our day there.

However, online colleges and courses have been picking up greater traction for their customizable schedules and not needing to drive all over the place, which for some people would be appealing. But is that the better option?

Pros and Cons

Advantages to online courses

More flexible for students who work full-time jobs:

Many students attending college are either returning to school or cannot spend long hours at school because of their jobs.

Online courses tend to go at your own pace to a certain degree. So you can watch video lectures during a break or when you’re in bed.

Ability to complete assignments when convenient:

As many students have busy lives, it can be hard to complete assignments on time.

Many online assignments allow you to complete them and turn them in on your schedule, which is a relief for…



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