Oh, Northern Lights

How I Loved Witnessing Your Beautiful Glory

Amethyst Champagne
4 min readMay 14, 2024
Picture from my best friend

A few nights ago, due to unusually powerful solar winds, many people watched the Aurora Borealis grace the night skies of most of the United States.

And I was lucky enough to be one of those people.

Why Everyone Obsessed Over It

Well, most of us don’t live far enough north to be able to see the Northern Lights just by looking up.

We often have to make special trips up to Alaska or even Scandinavia to watch the Lights (which I still want to do someday).

So when the possibility of witnessing it without leaving the house popped up, we all made plans.

How I Learned of It

As with most things related to the night sky, I learned about the Northern Lights show from my stepdad.

He’s always commenting about astronomy-related events, even though the clouds usually prevent us from seeing anything.

But not this time.

Where I Was

I was my best friend Jade, her boyfriend, his sister, and some of our friends at a small beach I didn’t even know existed until that day.



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