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Yes, the first story I wrote didn’t have a name. Or if it did, I can’t remember it. It’s been years since I’ve even looked at it, much less wrote it.

If you have any of my previous posts related to writing, you might recollect me saying how I fell in love with writing toward the end of my first year in high school after creating a three-chapter story.

And while everything I’ve stated is true, that was technically not when I wrote my first story.

So, for the “Writers” challenge, I will share my very first experience with drafting a story and how my writing has changed afterward.

Eighth Grade

My first year of doing onsite classes after becoming homeschooled, and one of those was an English class, although I can’t recall the exact name of it anymore.

Yeah, I know. I have such an awesome memory. ;)

The Story

Our teacher told us to write a three-page story about love. And it didn’t matter what type of love. But we had to include the statement, “I love you.”

And while I found it odd being required to include that phrase, I was excited to do an assignment encouraging creativity.

So, I wrote about two girls who at first didn’t like each other at first but quickly became friends, then got into trouble when one fell into a hole in the ground.

But she gets out, and it ends happily.

How I felt Afterward

When I finished, I remember being proud of what I’d created; after all, it was my first attempt at story writing. And when we all first begin writing, we believe every piece we create is gold.

Also, I hadn’t gone for the romance trope, so yay me.

But my pride gave way to nerves when the teacher shared those stories with the whole class. I hadn’t been mentally prepared for that.

Then the nerves shifted into inadequacy when one of the girl’s love stories was read aloud. But I couldn’t be upset because I got along with her.

I think the main character was a reporter or something similar, and the story revolved around that. However, for it only three pages and her being in the eighth grade, it…

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