My Las Vegas Holiday Trip

Amethyst Champagne
9 min readJan 24, 2022
Me overlooking our part of the strip on our first night.

As I mentioned in my story, My 2021, me and the fam went down to Vegas from the 21st to the 24th of December. This trip had been planned since the middle of July, my mom having been unable to resist the good deal presented to her.

In truth, I was excited at the prospect of doing something different. Although, we’d be coming home before Christmas day. Gifts have been getting harder to find for our family, and doing it the same way would be a reminder of my singleness.

Also, I had made a promise to myself to start doing new things, being a bit dissatisfied with my current life.

Day 1

We had to wake up at six am and get ready for our nine am flight. I was both excited and nervous about going on a plane for the first time and all of the security measures that came with it.

We were out of the house by eight am, dropping my dog off at a housing place, 3 Schips and a Girl, on our way to the airport.

Checking in and going through TSA was quicker than I had figured, and we sat in the boarding area for a while before we were able to get on the plane.

The plane was pretty small, with no first-class or coach. Just two long lines of seats on each side, making everything feel cramped. The seats were also small, and my mom had trouble being comfortable.

TV doesn’t tell you how loud planes actually are on the inside. So that was kind of annoying. And I tried taking a nap, but my mom put me at an odd angle in my seat, making my right arm sore.

Luckily, the ride was only for two hours, eleven minutes. And soon enough, we were in Las Vegas.

Their airport had shops, restaurants, and slot machines. It was hard not to just wander around. But we had to get our bags. We did eat, though, not having anything on the plane.

After that, we got a taxi and went to our hotel. It was strange seeing palm trees in person and in December, no less. And none of them had Christmas decorations either, not even on their trunks.

One of the many palm trees.



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