My Christmas Traditions!

Amethyst Champagne
4 min readDec 18, 2023
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Everybody has Christmas traditions, whether or not they celebrate the day. It’s just unavoidable, like crowded malls and excited children.

And my interest is often piqued when people share theirs. After all, someone else’s usual tradition could spark a new one for you.

So here are mine!

What Has Changed

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Things change as the years go by, so why should Christmas traditions be immune?

This is what has changed for us.

Where We Celebrate It

There haven’t been many years where I celebrated Christmas at my house. Either because of foster care or us shlepping to some family member’s house of my stepdad.

So, it’s been nice doing our own things the past few years, like us going to Vegas or me going to Texas last Christmas.

Attending Christmas Eve Service

We used to attend church all the time, but not since my mom got her current job. And she hates that, being a devout, although non-traditional Christian.

But I’m glad I don’t have to go to church anymore. It was never my choice, and I never felt like I fit in with the other kids, teens, or adults.

My Bedroom Tree

For years after I came home from foster care, I had a small artificial tree on which I would put on my dresser and hang tiny ornaments. And I would get presents under it each year.

But after I got my Keurig, I no longer had room for it. So now, it’s been sitting in storage, waiting for the day I remove it from its box and put it on display again.

What Hasn’t Changed

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Despite my unusual and fragmented upbringing, I lean back on a few Christmas traditions annually.

Christmas Movie Watching



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