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5 min readDec 26, 2023
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A lot has happened to me this year, both good and bad. And I want to evaluate all of it, month by month, to see what I want to do differently for 2024.

Well, almost all the months.


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I lost my blog editing job. Not because I am a lousy editor but because of a lack of funds on their end. I’m still bummed about it.

One of my friends also had a mental break and was taken to a mental stabilization unit for a week.

What a great way to kick off 2023


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I spent Valentine’s Day with my friend Sandra for Galentine’s Day when gal pals spend the day together. I liked the idea and knew she didn’t have plans, so we figured, why not?

It was actually pretty fun. We had lunch, wandered around town for a bit, and then hung out at my place until she went home.


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I turned twenty-four, which was a good birthday. I got to go to a fancy steakhouse, after all.

I also started attending my Writing Prompts group. This has changed my creative writing and view of poetry and short-form fiction.

After reading many posts about the platform, I decided to create my own Substack.


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My best friend Jade messaged me out of the blue.

It’d been about two years since we last saw or talked to each other. So, saying I was shocked when I got that messenger ping from her is an understatement.

She told me everything that had happened with her and asked if I wanted to go out…



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