I Just Finished My First Ghostwriting Assignment!

Amethyst Champagne
4 min readAug 22

Yes, I have just completed my first ghostwriting assignment, and I don’t know how you guys feel about the idea of writing someone else’s story.

But I want to share my experience with those who are considering doing the same.

So either leave this post or keep reading!

What is Ghostwriting?

Ghostwriting is drafting a story for someone else, knowing that the rights belong to them, and you won’t be credited for it. You can be paid anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per project.

It’s mainly done for fiction and non-fiction books, but I’m sure ghostwriting can be done for other types of writing.

Why Did I Start Ghostwriting?

I’ve been dabbling with the idea of freelance writing along with my freelance editing for a while.

It began when I lost my blog editing job in January. After a brief period of shock and disappointment, I realized I was going to need another form of income.

Sometimes editing gigs are hard to snag, usually in the summer and November due to NaNoWriMo. People are either enjoying those warm, sunny days or trying to draft their book in a month.

I tried looking into blog writing and such, but pretty much all of those gigs require writers with experience in various things that I don’t have. And it’s hard getting experience unless you do that job.

However, gigs for ghostwriting stories are usually in good supply. While a lot of people want to create books, many either don’t have the time or the ability to do so.

And since I’ve been doing creative writing for quite some time, I figured I could bring someone else’s vision to life.

How Did I Get My First Ghostwriting Gig?

How I get most of my gigs: on Upwork.

It’s a great freelance site to find jobs and gain experience. And the more contracts you complete, the more likely potential clients will seek you out or hire you for whatever job you bid on.

What was the Story?

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