How I Feel about Vocal

Amethyst Champagne
5 min readSep 27, 2022

Vocal Media.

W hile overall a reliable platform with a welcoming community, it has had some issues, but I’m not going to be discussing that. Instead, I’ll be talking about my journey with Vocal.

Why I Went on Vocal

I t was the first online writing platform I started to use. I first discovered it in December 2020 while scrolling through my Facebook feed.

I t advertised that you could make up to $500 a week, along with its various challenges. Of course, I was on board with it. Who wouldn’t want to be paid for writing stories?

And I’d already self-published on Amazon, so I figured this would be another way to put my creativity out into the world without needing to write a full-length novel.

I t didn’t take me long to sign up and start writing stories. And I’ve been writing on here ever since.

The Different Features of Vocal Media

Like any other online writing platform, Vocal has plenty of cool aspects that make it stand out.

  1. Views=Money- Like Medium, Vocal gives you money for stories, but unlike Medium, the views don’t have to be from the platform. So, if you share a story on Facebook or Twitter, no matter who reads it, you’ll earn money.



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