Hidden Paradise, part two

Amethyst Champagne
5 min readJun 13, 2022

Walking through the forest without worrying that someone in the village is following me is nice.

Most everyone keeps out of there unless they are in dragon form or hunting. They are still afraid that the enemy nest will find us. Too bad for them. The woods are a stunning sight.

The strange scent gets stronger as I continue to walk, my dragon stirring inside me. How odd. She usually only surfaces when threatened or when I call on her to shift.

This person must fascinate her.

They fascinate me as well.

Suddenly, I see that something, or rather someone, is caught in the net of one of our animal traps, which is lifted off the ground. They are wiggling around like a worm, and it’s quite humorous.

“Hello?” I circle the net, trying to find their face.

“Please don’t kill me!” a male voice whisper-yells. “I got lost.”

I raise a brow, “Why would I kill you?”

“Because I’m a human.”

“Aren’t we all?”

“No, you’re a dragon.”

I pause briefly, “How do you know I’m a dragon?”

I still can’t see his face, but I smell his fear and confusion. “I see dragons fly up from the valley from my town.”

“Well, I’m not gonna kill you, but I will cut you free from the trap.”

“Uh, okay.” He doesn’t sound too sure.

But summoning my wings, I fly up anyways. “Be still so I don’t cut you by accident.”

Then I extend my claws and cut the ropes, catching him before he can fall.

That’s when I finally see his face.

He has light skin, blond hair, and green eyes. He’s also thin for a human male. But overall, he’s pretty handsome.

And my dragon becomes restless, wiggling around inside me.

“You’re strong,” The human glances down at the ground, “and you smell like firewood smoke.”

“Thank you.” Smiling, I slowly lower us to the ground, setting him on his feet. “What’s your name?”

“Why do you want to know that?”

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