Being a New Gamer

Amethyst Champagne
5 min readDec 6, 2023
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Well, it’s both exciting and challenging. New games and games re-released with Unreal Engine 5 are definitely a draw.

On the other hand, I am a tadpole in an ocean of sharks and whales. So, navigating this new world will be an arduous test of mental will and strength.

But I’m up for that challenge.

Why Am I Only Joining the Gaming World Now?

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Yeah, I know twenty-four is a bit late to become a gamer, especially since most begin as kids.

But my parents aren’t gamers and have often said that gamers are pasty shut-ins with no social skills. And already lacking certain social skills, they wanted to keep me from that.

So that colored my opinion of those who played video games more than a couple of times a week until the last few years.

I started making friends who were gamers, and my opinion about it began shifting a bit. However, several of them treated it like it was their job even though they weren’t professionals, which annoyed me greatly.

But it wasn’t until my second trip to Texas that I realized gaming can be fun. Or at least virtually hanging out with people.

So What Am I?

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Well, according to the gaming world, or at least my gamer friends, I am what is called a blueberry. Now, brand-new gamers or new players of a game are called blueberries.

I believe it’s because we show up as blue to other players or something like that, but I’m unsure as to the specific reason. I think the term is funny, though.

And I think it’s mostly used with multi-player games.

How Are My Gaming Skills So Far?

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