A Day of Solitude

Amethyst Champagne
2 min readDec 8, 2021

Rain pours heavily against the windows, the sound steady and relaxing.

The fireplace spreads its warmth throughout the living room, the flames creating shadows on the ceiling.

I sit in my nook, letting my pencil write new words in my journal as the clouds and thunder roll past me.

This is one day where I am by myself, my thoughts uninterrupted by friends, family, or work.

Many people didn’t understand the peace solitude brought me.

How it cleared my thoughts and let my heart purge itself, allowing my creativity to flow with pen and paper

My cup of hot tea sits on my coffee table, its steam catching my attention.

I pause for a moment, tapping my pencil on my leg.

I reach for the cup, lifting it to my lips and taking a swig.

Turning to an empty page in my journal, I write about my tea.

The heat warming my cup, its rich amber color, its dark sweet flavor, the smoothness of the liquid across my tongue.

You could find inspiration anywhere, anytime, even in the smallest, most mundane things.

You just needed to open yourself to your surroundings.

I smile, sighing everything negative out of me, knowing it served no purpose.

This is my day of solitude, and I would savor every second.

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